Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preston Blair rip

Preston Blair... his elusive rip-offs lurk everywhere, if you look hard enough. Heck, just about every high school sports team with the name "The Bulldogs" has used Preston Blair's dog as their mascot.

This one is particularly bad, but not the worst I've seen. Aside from making the mouse look less appealing overall, notice how the line of action is no longer implied. His ear looks like it's behind his shoulder, too.

OK, so it's just a mascot for a pest control company in SE Portland, and I shouldn't expect anything fancy. And, to be honest, you have to look closely to actually see the similarities. Maybe I'm stretching it?

However, when I saw this on the side of a truck, I instantly thought of Preston Blair. Actually, I took the picture with my cell phone almost a year ago. I'm really lazy...