Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Animation Conversation... Overwhelming.

First I saw this.

That almost made me cry.

Then I remembered watching this:

Where a kid from the 80's talks about how great Transformers was... oh god... (for the record, I like his videos most of the time).

So I drowned myself in Flip the Frog and Bugs Bunny.

Then I saw this.

Then I thought, "Aren't all these animation-related people nerds too?"

I was also kind of sad that people still don't understand autism.

I love the animation blogger community, and I check Cartoon Brew all the time. But all these blogs get overwhelming.

There's nothing wrong with being a nerd, it's just better if you're a nerd about cartoons from the 40's, and not cartoons from the 80's. Those 80's cartoons were bad, and kids from that generation can't give them up.

All these animators and animation-related people are nerds themselves, and that's okay!

And I also thought about how Jhonen Vasquez and JR Goldberg made a book together, and how weird that is. But that's something else I should talk about elsewhere.

But... wow, I'm tired, and I just had to type this all out...

I should go to bed.

All these opinions...

In the 40's, they didn't have blogs or political correctness... or something...

OK, I'm starting to sound like Seymour, from Ghost World... sort of... who is also a nerd.

OK, I REALLY have to go to bed now!

...so many scattered thoughts...