Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Change, Platform Animation Fest

Well, last time I posted, I was a very different animator wannabe. I'm really not sure what I was thinking. I've changed now...

I'm currently attending the Platform Animation Festival, and it's just great. I got Jerry Beck to sign my first edition copy of his Looney Tunes guide that he co-wrote with Will Friedwald. When I told him I'd had it since I was eight, he said, "that's maybe the scariest thing I've ever heard."

I saw several animators there such as Bill Plympton and Will Vinton (his mustache is hard to miss). My animation teacher, Sharon Niemczyk introduced me to a few professional animators, and I got some good advice. People seem to keep telling me I should go to CalArts. Guess I'd better make a portfolio...

So far, everything is great. I got to see films by Mark Kausler and Nick Cross. Kausler's "It's the Cat" was brilliant. Hand drawn and painted, and a great tribute to his favorite animation.

Nick Cross's film was very funny. There weren't many people at the theater, but this cartoon had the best reaction, I think. It was great.

So, yeah, I think it's going well. I hope it goes on every year here in Portland forever.


Saffire said...

Yay Zach! Where are you going to college anyhow? I read you wanted to go to PNCA... you should come and bother me.

Gimme a call, you dorkus. Or email me. Actually, email me. I hate the phone. aerith AT inbox DOTTTTT com :D

<3 Saffy

Zach Cole said...

Wow, I haven't checked this thing in so long! I should email you. I haven't talked to you in forever.