Friday, March 14, 2008

New Website...brain soup

I've just completed my website, 'brain soup,' which can be found here:

It showcases some of my artwork, animation and embarrassing film projects from high school. The website should expand over time with more of my creative... things...

Some of the design is a little inconsistant, and there are some mistakes, which I hope to fix soon.

There are also things I say that I will probably change later, if I'm not too lazy. I said some things about Jim Tyer's animation being "just plain weird," which I don't think does it justice, so apologies to any Tyer fans out there-- I was in a hurry. Also, I'm not so sure about putting my work from high school in there... it's a little embarrassing.

Whatever the case, I have a website now... only thing to do now is get an actual domain name... and unfortunately, brain soup isn't the most original name out there.

But hey, it's a start.

I guess I should get a domain some day...

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