Thursday, April 10, 2008

Emru, Monsters vs. Aliens, Comics

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So I went to a forum recently. We'll just call it "the fight club." On it, I made the following post, and I thought it was interesting to hear what random people had to say about this. I kind of got the idea from reading this post on Cartoon Brew. Just want to hear what casual animation fans had to say.

The post:

So here's a CG movie that isn't Shrek 5 or a crazy animal adventure. It's called Monsters vs. Aliens...

Anyone got anything to say? I think it looks pretty cool... and it doesn't creep me out like every character in the Shrek movies.

Comments on the post:

"just another piece of shit im gonna hate and everyone is going to love"
Reply: "You must have a miserable life."
Reply: "
no i just dont like pixars work"


"Goddamn viral marketing..."

"It'll either be really awesome or fall flat on its face. There really doesn't seem to be an in-between for this movie."

"I'm sure it will be filled with random humor and pop-culture references, thus making it a huge hit at the box office."

"That fish monster is going to have the voice of a wacky black comedian and he'll be making American Idol jokes left and right."

"So Mirage, Grey Matter, Bloo and the dog from Johnny Test team up to stop a giant chipmunk and the Blue Angels."

Other forum users replied to the aforementioned comment saying things like, "i cant unsee it!" Upon further inspection, it's true. That's what it looks like. And I'm really sad that I actually know what the dog from Johnny test looks like.

I thought the response was interesting, and worth posting...

On another note, I'm enrolled in a class called Understanding Comics Art, taught by Diana Schutz, Editor in Chief for Dark Horse Comics. It's a very informative class, and I'm having a lot of fun.

The great part is that we get to read comics for homework, including Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, Last Day in Vietnam, and Maus, among other great works. Diana knows the medium of comics inside and out, and was even a good friend of the late, great Will Eisner.

What's crazy is that this is a community college class. Yeah...