Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Laziness

I love my girlfriend. I bought her a book of Dan Decarlo pin-ups. She loved it so much, she got me this book:
The Classic Pin-Up Art of Jack Cole, Published by the good folks at Fantagraphics.

I'll talk more about Jack Cole later, but right now, all I have to say is that he's really inspired me to get off my ass and do something. The guy had almost no art background, other than a mail-order cartooning course. This reminded me of John K's cartooning course, so I figured I should take action.

Here's another thing that motivated me to stop being lazy:

And then of course, this Brew post...

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Jenny Lerew said...

Hi Zach-
Jack Cole is amazing, isn't he?

I saw your post on Cartoon Brew about "Dragons" changing directors; just wanted to mention that while Peter Hastings was a writer on "Animaniacs!" who did write episodes of Pinky & the Brain, he didn't come up with the idea of caricaturing Eddie and Tom nor did he invent the show itself-it was the exec producer Tom Ruegger's idea. It was just that Peter started writing most of the Pinky scripts for A! that he wound up being a producer on the eventual series. I know because I was a director there. : )